Friday, March 2, 2012


We have had various relationships that have come and gone. We have loved hard and given everything we had to offer into these relationships. It didn't matter and sometimes the cost wasn't considered. The tremendous amount of affection that we have given to those in which we were involved with may not have given us what we needed to grow but yet tore us deep from within. The emotional support, the friendship and the love that we give sometimes still seems as if it's not enough for others. We desire this within our relationships and we begin to search for it, sometimes finding it where ever we can. We can begin a brand new relationship, a relationship that's being fulfilled.

 The relationship that we have been seeking for - a relationship with ourselves. Let us begin by loving ourselves. Are we able to give ourselves this first? We need to train ourselves and then begin to build on a relationship with ourselves. We have it in us to do. We are resourceful women, we are able to find ways to meet the needs in which we have in so many other areas. When we find that we have a need, we are able to pull the resources of our strength and resilience from with. We show love and connections with our children, our friends, with those we work with, our neighbors, and our significant others, but fail to remember to get in touch with who we are as women.

Sometimes it seems to difficult to look inside ourselves and face the real truth about who we are and what things we need to change in order to rebuild ourselves, but its necessary in order to appreciate your beauty and worth.

Begin to build yourselves up, speak sweet nothings in your own ears - aloud so that you can hear it, support your visions and goals and lay and relax with you. In doing this there will be no room for self deprivation, no room for worthlessness - there will be no room. Fill yourselves up with a tremendous amount of self love, self respect and self support - rebuilding yourselves.

 Let's continue to think of all the victories won and how we have recovered from all the obstacles. We can do this and come out of it a better woman - a better you - rebuilt!

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