Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm Wishing On A Star (part 3)

She no longer knew the man she married; he became a stranger in her house.  

      Mrs. Charming continued to do her everyday role as a loving wife and doing everything in her power to do the right things and say the right things to keep her husband happy, she finally felt a ease because her husband showed no signs of indifference with her.  He continued to wine and dine her, sending flowers to her job; texting her love messages; long romantic walks in the park; preparing candlelight dinners at home, it was all as it should be, a loving and caring husband tending to his devoted  and trusting wife. This blissful happiness lasted for a few weeks until one day, she had prepared a romantic dinner and was waiting for him to arrive, an hour went by; two hours went by. This was something he never did, so she became concerned and called his cell phone but it went directly to voice mail. She waited a few minutes and called again and still no answer. Now as a trusting wife, she thought the worst happen to him, so after attempting several more times, she left him a voice mail expressing her concern as any caring wife would do.

      Four hours later, she heard his keys opening the door and she walked to meet him at the door, as he opened the door, with tears in her eyes and worried, she asked him with a concerned voice "where were You"; "I was so worried that something happened to you" ;"why couldn't you call me to tell me that you were ok"; "why was your cell phone off?" ..............(bad mistake) As she looked in his eyes, there it was the same sharp, stern look and with an annoyed voice he said: "I don't have to tell you nothing!!" and walked straight into the bedroom and locked the door behind him. In disbelief, she just stood there for a few minutes and cried. After she composed herself, she went by the bedroom door and was asking her husband to please open the door, but he never responded. 

      That night, she laid in the sofa and wasn't able to sleep and kept questioning herself  "what did I do wrong? was I wrong in asking? Should I have just waited? The next morning as he was preparing for work, she walks over to him and says 'I'm sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me" but he kept ignoring her and walked out the door and left her feeling hopeless and confused. She was so emotionally drained that she called out from work and all day she was hoping to receive a text or phone call from her husband but he never did. She was feeling so desperate, she didn't know what to do, she didn't know who to call, she was in a state of confusion. Insecurity was eating her up, she thought she was failing as a wife. She kept blaming herself. and thought that maybe she was just over reacting. 

      As the time was getting closer for her husband to arrive, she prepared dinner, showered and put on a pretty outfit and waited for her husband to come home.  It was now an hour later from the time he normally would get home, she started to feel anxious, she walked back and forth throughout the house; looking out the window; checking her cell phone for texts or voice messages, but nothing. Three hours later and still no sign of her husband, oh how horrible this feeling of not knowing where he was and why he would not call. To ease her anxieties, she went and took a shower again and as she was getting out of the shower, she heard the door open, relieved that he was finally home but nervous, she took a deep breath and came out to greet her husband.  As she went towards him, he walked right by her without looking at her and closed the bathroom door. She began to cry as she stood there in disbelief, but hurried to heat up his food before he came out of the shower. When she heard the shower turn off, she prepared his plate and when he walked out, she said "honey, your food is ready"  but he walked into the bedroom and locked himself in. Her desperate reaction was to run after him and started to bang at the door, pleading for him to listen to her, but his silence said it all. This time his silent treatment did not last for just a few days, it went on for over two months. 

      During those two months for her was pure torment, it was like living a horrible nightmare. She wouldn't eat, she couldn't sleep, she cried all the time. She blamed herself for his behavior towards her. She felt as if she was not good enough for him. Her days  became long and lonely. When she would look at herself in the mirror that confident woman was no longer staring back at her, the one staring back at her, was a fragile woman being sucked into a life of an emotional wreck, she was full of pain, insecurity, doubt, unloved, self-pity and fear. She no longer knew the man she so desperately loved, he became a stranger in the house.  So, after two agonizing months, he came home from work one day with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine and her favorite food. As she was standing there a total mess, not knowing how to react, he walked over to her and kissed her and hugged her and she responded with "I am so sorry" and he took her to the room and she never asked about the incident that caused his silent treatment. 

This silent treatment lasted for several years until be continued...

Stranger in my house with lyrics - Tamia 

Written by Maribel Castillo
August 10, 2013


  1. Ms. Castillo - as I read this I cried because it brought me back to when I lived with a man that treated me the same way. I am so glad that even though it is a story line it speaks truth and yes there are many women out there that live in the silent treatment which is mental abuse. And the song you picked out for each story line - fits to the T. Thank you so much for posting this and I can't wait for the next story line. - Peaches

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