Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Wishing On A Star (part 2)

She surrender herself completely and totally to her husband with no reservation of fear or shame.

      Off they went as Mr. and Mrs. Prince Charming, to a romantic get-away honeymoon. Their first night as husband and wife was an experience she will never forget. As they arrived at their suite and she unpacked, Prince Charming opened a bottle of wine and handed her a cup as they toasted their first night celebrating their union. She in turn slipped into the bathroom as she bathe herself in a sweet aroma of bubble bath and creamed her body with a silky soft scent lotion. She was a bit nervous as she dressed herself in a silky white lingerie and added a touch of lip gloss and a touch of powder in her face and sprayed dots of her husbands favorite perfume. That night was her first night that she would let anyone see or touch her body. She worried if she was going to be able to fulfill her duties as a wife to a man that was obvious had life experiences. Full of mix emotions, she took a deep breath, opened the door and walked out and as she look at her husband, his smile and the approval in his eyes eased whatever she was feeling. He dimmed the lights and put on their wedding song and led her to dance. His embrace and touch released in her a feeling of trust and full surrender. She surrender herself completely and totally to her husband with no reservation of fear or shame. They interlocked as one as he held her close to his heart and she fell asleep safe in his arms.

      For the next several weeks  their honeymoon was a time of shared love and happiness. He treated her like his queen, everything she wanted was granted to her. He made her feel loved, cared and protected. He would speak to her with kind and loving words, his touch was always gentle and oh - his smile would start off the butterflies in her stomach. She would fall asleep with a smile and wake up with a smile. He became her everything! She had married the perfect man. 

      Four months after their honeymoon, they were getting ready to go and celebrated their four month of marriage, she stumble over his pants and as she picked it up, a piece of paper fell of his pants pocket and she notice that there was a telephone number but it had no name, so she brushed it off and continued to get dressed.  In the restaurant,  as they were waiting for their food, they were drinking a glass of wine and she remembered the piece of paper and questioned her husband about it.  The look in her husbands face was a look that she never saw before, immediately he stop from smiling and with a tone of voice that she never heard before, he said "it it none of your business!"  Confused by his reaction, she apologized and throughout the night, he hardly spoke a word to her and never attempted to even look at her. She didn't know what to do, she kept asking herself  - did I ask the wrong way? was my tone disrespectful? All through the ride home was silence, such a silence that she could hear his breathing, even his breathing was unfamiliar to her, because she never heard him breath that heavy. Though she didn't know why she was apologizing, she did again, but he never responded.  He pulled into the driveway and slammed the door behind him and walked straight into the house, leaving her in the car. This was something she was not use to because he was always a gentlemen. For a few minutes she stayed in the car to compose herself and then walked into the house and still confused as to what she did wrong, she apologized and he again did not answer. He went into the room and closed the door behind him and left her with her words in her mouth.  This went for for several days, she would apologize and he will ignore her as if she didn't exist. All she did was cry, she cried taking a shower, she cried back and forth from work, she cried herself to sleep. Crying and more crying was the only thing she did. She became an emotional wreck.

      She missed her husband dreadfully, she was living a fog of confusion, the pain she felt was unbearable at times. Then one day, her husband walked in from work and reached out and kissed her. And of course - all she did was cry and say..."I'm sorry" and his response was taking her to the room and closing the door behind them. Finally, things were back in order in their marriage, she again was feeling his love and nothing else mattered to her. They never talked about the incident and life kept going on as if his silent treatment never happened. 

That is what she thought.......but ......(to be continued) 


Written by Maribel Castillo
August 9, 2013 


  1. Can't wait for part 3- Evi

  2. You are a very strong woman Maribel! I so admire your strength and know that god has favor in your life and that your best days are still ahead. I'm looking forward to reading your next post! :)

  3. Hi Maribel, I kind of bumped into your blog and started to read part 1 and just finished reading part 2 of your story line and I have to say it was like your were writing my life. I was someone like that girl - I lived with a man I didn't even know after I got married to him. I was devastated to the point of suicide. I thank God that after 5 years I walked out of this marriage but I had to go through intensive therapy and still until today I fear and distrust men. I fear having to go through the same thing over again. I can't wait to read your part 3 and so on to see how this girl survived this marriage. Oh btw my name is Teresa. Great writing.