Friday, March 2, 2012

A Strong Woman

I believe a strong woman is one who has self belief, she knows and accepts her own unique self and also respects the individuality of others. She is driven by passion and purpose and knows her own unique contribution to the world. She knows what she wants from life and has the knowledge,tools and confidence to make it happen. A strong woman enjoys healthy relationships with others and is equally comfortable being alone. How to we get to that wonderful state? ~~Know And Understand Yourself~~

You need to understand that you are a spiritual being, who is residing in your physical body for a while. It's a case of getting a far bigger perspective on who you are and what life is all about.How? ~~Love And Nurture Yourself~~

We are all individuals. We come into this world alone, and we leave this world alone. Although you are here with many others, and loving relationships are part of the joy of this physical existence, you cannot rely on others for your emotional needs to be met. In an ideal world we would be brought up by perfect parents, who would nurture us and fulfill our emotional dependency needs; but we are not.  "As a child I needed a parent's love, nurturing, and emotional maturity to fulfill my emotional dependency needs. As an adult, I still seek to get my emotional dependency needs met, but now I must get my needs met from 'within.' I am a child who has gone from needing a parent's love, to needing God's love; from wanting toys, to wanting inner peace and emotional maturity!"

So many people expect their husband, friends, or even their children to meet their emotional needs, but that is not fair on them; they need to care for ourselves. Give yourself time, put yourself at the top of your list of priorities for a change. Do things that you enjoy. Look after your body. Look after your mind. Get to know your inner self; this can be done through practices such as prayer and meditation ~~Be Independent~~

We also need to have a healthy independence to be a strong woman. If you are not capable of looking after yourself: running a bank account and household finances, menu planning and shopping, earning your own money etc. you will always be dependent on someone else, and that will cause you to feel weak in that area. A strong woman is totally capable of looking after herself (and her children) but may still choose to share her life with a husband on an equal partnership basis.

A strong woman is true to herself. She knows her own strengths and weaknesses and accepts herself the way she is. She knows that the world requires the whole variety of different skills and characteristics that make up different human beings, and so values every part of herself. She plays to her strengths and does not try to conform to others' expectations of who she is, if that is in conflict with who she really is ~~Follow Your Passion~~

A strong woman follows her passion and joy, and makes her choices in life based on the things that fill her with joy and excitement. I believe our purpose as human beings in this world is to be happy and joyful; we are not supposed to be miserable! I also believe that we each have an individual purpose; something that we are uniquely endowed to fulfill, some way of adding to the world that is special to us  ~~Know What You Want~~

In order for you to get what you want, you need to know what you want!  Whatever you feel passion for will be drawn to you, even if it's angry passion!  Write down a detailed description of what you see in your mind's eye. This is a great starting point for becoming a strong woman who knows where she's going ~~Nurture Love~~

Your spiritual self is all love, so whenever you're not practicing love, you're at odds with your true nature and therefore weaken yourself. You need to infuse everything you do with love. You can do this when you understand your own special contribution to the world and bring that into everything you do every day.  When I first learned my purpose I got stressed when no one else would believe in me, but through that experience I learned that I can use my gift whatever I am doing; wherever I am I can be who I am and that alone will be a blessing to others. The same is true for you.

I pray you are blessed by this and believe... You are a strong woman already, you just need to find it within you..... 

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