Monday, March 5, 2012

In The Secret Place

Having a Secret Place is important for that is where God's dwelling is. I do struggle a lot to spend time in my secret place, probably more than most of you. And yet I realized how important it is as it was where I found my healing, rest, and shelter.  In {Psalm 23:2-3} tells us: He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.  He renews my strength.  A secret place is allowing ourselves time to commune with God and to hear His voice, to refresh and recharge our spiritual lives, and it is often also a place to safety. Without constantly spending time in the secret place, our lives will be full of chaos, and we will eventually suffer a burn-out.  God wants is for us to have an alert mind, a sensitive spirit, and a well-replenished soul.   

There is also much security in that secret place. Just a sense of knowing that God is there, just to know that His presence is around can bring a lot of peace to our troubled souls. So often when troubles come we rush to the phone first instead of the throne. We seek help from others first before going to God. When in actual fact, God is the one who is always ready for us, with open arms. We all need to realize that there is a secret place that we need to constantly go to. It is a place of shelter, a place of strength, a place to be filled again with His spirit, and a place to rejuvenate. The effectiveness of our ministry for God is very much dependent on how much time we spend in the secret place.

When we experience a relationship breakup, a sudden loss of a loved one or someone came to threaten or intimidate you, or a good friend has turned their back on you without warning. When things like these happen, what do we do? Often we are caught by surprise. And surprises like these are often not easy to be dealt with. In fact, we often make reckless decisions which we will regret later. Things may seem to be going so well in one minute, and the next minute everything just explodes. Things like this will shake our faith and rob the peace from us.  When we face these sudden, unexpected changes in life, we need to run to our secret place and call out to our Protector, God always pictures Himself as our Protector,  He provides us with a place where no evil can harm us. It is total security. He gives the assurance that no matter what the enemy tries to do, we shall not be harmed. At the same time, it is in that secret place where He binds up our wounds. It is where all the hurts inflicted during the battles of life are being taken care off. It is a place of absolute trust in God, knowing that He will take care of our needs. We must realize that we need the strength that comes from God. We need to learn to rest in His dwelling, and to allow joy to fill our hearts again. Coming into his presence, it’s no longer our will, our thoughts, or our desires. We need to get our spirit connected with His, so that we can hear clearly from God.

We will always have reasons why we do not have the time to go into the secret place. As long as we will continue to give excuses, the world’s voices will always be louder than God’s call into His presence. We all need to make a commitment to get away from the busyness of life and go into His presence.

Whatever that you are going through, no matter how fierce the storms are, there is always a place where you can find security, rest and healing. He is waiting, will you meet Him there?

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