Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing Compares To Your Embrace

Lord, as I look back on my life I can see the footprints of Your protection so many times. So many times You tried to protect me and I went my own way thinking I knew better than You. Yet, You never left me forsaken. Every time I listened to accusatory words You always encouraged me and sent those to me who would love me the way You do. Your Word and the Words You have spoken to me are my life and substance and I will live by them. I will live by every Word proceeding out of Your mouth and heart.

Stir my heart to remember all Your promises and help me to remember every Word You have spoken to me. Help me to remember with a grateful heart all the times You have encouraged and healed me . . . all the times Your love has upheld me and I will be renewed. May the Words birthed in heaven find greatness in my thoughts and thereby influence my actions.

I choose to believe every Word and come into agreement with them in reference to what and who You have said I am. I agree with the walking out of Your Word with mercy and grace flowing through a heart of faith. I will water the Word seeds in my heart by agreeing with You, and in the process I will inject my tomorrows with faith, hope and love. Help me to build righteously and not create barriers in my life or anyone else’s. May the Words of my mouth speak in ONE with the beat of Your heart. In Jesus Name, I pray and believe, Amen

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