Monday, March 5, 2012

Deborah, Strength

Deborah was a woman of admirable strength, she was a prophetess, judge and wife, her life for sure was a non-stop one.
She looked after her husband and home intently, she led and advised the people of God and even went to war. This is indeed a brave woman! In addition, she sang a song to the Lord in thanksgiving for her victory over her enemies. Because of her commitment and dedication she was named , "mother of Israel", a title well deserved, is it not it?
She was the spiritual mother of the people; her faith and courage contaminated and motivated the people. Today it’s no different, women need to double their work to meet all their obligations. Take care of your house, husband, children, work, school, church. Oh, so many things to account for it seems you can’t keep up with everything.
 Wake up early, get ready, give breakfast to your husband and you’re out the door and off to work. After a long day, you get off work and rush to church so that you won’t be late.
Then, you come home, prepare dinner, give some attention to your children, prepare everything for the next day, when you’re finish you long to sit on the couch and put your feet up; but you’re not done just yet, you have to still take care of yourself. Life seems like a marathon. 
 Don’t be anguished, you’ve just discovered you're a superwoman. But, just as Deborah was able to perform many tasks, we can too. All you need to do is organize your time and depend on God in every situation. Put yourself at Gods’ disposal, and He will give the ability to do all these things. Or will you give up, abandon everything and impede the purpose of God to be realized in your life?
 Ask God to make of you, a warrior, whether it be in the forefront of your home or in the service of God's work. Make yourself available to God and He will do the rest!

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