Friday, March 2, 2012

Who Is This Man Who Calls Me His Own?

Who is this man who calls me his own?? 

His is my Lord and Savior, JESUS !! who rescued me from the land of the lost and said to Me…."Come here. Find life. Find new meaning. Let me in to live in you. I will give you new life and life more abundantly. Just put aside anything you put before me and run after me. Do not look back. For I will save you. I will free you. I will give you new hope. You will find I am more than enough for you. I can give you your hearts desires. I will give you my heart and my desires. Come to me, and you will find your way. I give rest to the weary and water to the thirsty. I love you. I have been running after you because you are precious to me. Come let me help you. Let me fix your life. Let me wipe you clean. Let me take away your shame. Let me give you life abundantly. Let me give you all things beautiful."

Then I said to him…..Greater are YOU that is in me than he that is in the World .You give me fresh hope. I am nothing without You, but with You I can do all things. I may not have all the answers, but I have You my Savior who does. You have never left
me nor forsaken me. Your Spirit is living in me all the time. You are my Everything. You supply all my needs. 

YOU fill me up with Your undying love until I am overflowing. Rivers of Your life-giving breath overflow out of my belly. You speak new life. You use my mouth. 

YOU use my life to minister to others. It's You in me. You do it all. You have a wonderful plan to save the World. You have a wonderful plan to save the sinners. 

YOU are my Savior. YOU are my Redeemer. YOU are my Rescuer. YOU are my Restorer. 

YOU restore all things lost. YOUR words is Life to me. YOUR touch and your love is like nothing I have ever felt. Nothing else matters. All losses do not compare to YOUR
wonderful glory. And with a grateful Heart, I will sing YOU praises forever, my LORD and SAVIOR!

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