Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Treasure Do You Think You Represent?

I represent the widow of Zerapheth. There was a severe drought in the land and I only had a handful of flour and some oil to make one last piece of bread for me and my son, and then lay down to die. When the prophet Elijah came to me and asked me to feed him all I had left, I had faith and did as he asked. The Lord blessed me and I never ran out of flour nor oil. My treasure is FAITH.

I represent Abish, a Lamanite servant in King Lamoni's court. Years ago, my father had received a vision, and as a result, I was converted to the gospel. Once I entered King Lamoni's court and say him, the queen and Ammon, who had fallen to the ground as if they were dead. I knew that it was a manifestation of God's power. I ran to tell the people, because I wanted them to also see God's power. Many of them came to understand that they are children of God. I know that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father and that He knows and loves me. My treasure is my DIVINE NATURE.

I represent Rebekah from the Old Testament. I had a divine mission to fulfill on this earth. I was destined to marry a righteous man in the covenant and become the mother of thousands of millions. Knowing that Isaac needed a wife, his father Abraham sent his servant to look for the right one among a covenant people, because he did not want Isaac to marry out of the covenant. The servant was guided by the Lord to find me and recognize me. Following the inspiration of the Lord, I agreed to be Isaac's wife. My treasure is my INDIVIDUAL WORTH.

I represent Huldah, a scholar of Old Testament times. I was one of the few women of my time that could read and write. I taught the law to women, and I also had the gift of revelation and prophecy. In my time, most of the people had drifted away from the Lord and worshiped idols. When King Josiah discovered the Book of the Law of Moses, he how wicked the people had become. He called for me, and I confirmed to him that the prophecies contained in the Book of the Law would be fulfilled, and I declared that the book was sacred. My treasure is KNOWLEDGE.

I represent Ruth. I was a widow when my mother-in-law Naomi decided to return to her ancestral home because she became widowed. I decided to accept the Gospel and go with her. I married Boaz, a righteous man, and King David and Jesus Christ are among our descendants. My decision to accept the Gospel was a great blessing in my life and in the lives of my descendents. My treasure is CHOICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

I represent Tabitha or Dorcas, from the New Testament. I am a gentle woman from Paul's time. I was a woman "full of good works and alms deeds". I loved to help others, and I made many coats and garments for the widows. One day I got sick and died. The people called for Peter to come without delay. My body had already been prepared for burial. When Peter arrived, he prayed fervently to God, and then said: "Tabitha, arise." I opened my eyes and arose. Because of that miracle, many people believed in the Lord. My treasure is GOOD WORKS.

I represent Esther, from the Old Testament. I was a young Hebrew girl and I married the king of Persia. His minister hated the Jews and plotted to have my people killed. My cousin Mordecai asked me to intercede for them. He asked me to go before the king to try to persuade him to change that terrible plan. I knew I could be punished with death for going to the king without being invited, but I decided to do it. I was able to persuade the king, and he allowed my people to defend themselves, and they were saved. My treasure is INTEGRITY.

I represent Mary, the mother of Christ. I was a young girl when I was chosen to be the mother of God. The angel Gabriel appeared to me and said: "Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women". And I answered: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word". All my life I have strive to remain clean and pure and worthy of whatever the Lord wanted for me. My treasure is VIRTUE.

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