Monday, March 5, 2012

Esther, Value

Pretty dresses, beauty sessions, etiquette classes, and delicious dishes, all a girl could dream for. The girls had big expectations to fill, who would win the beauty contest? Who would be able to reach the heart of the great Xerxes, king of Persia?

Esther could not imagine that from that day on her life would change forever; she was destined for the throne. No one imagined, but the chosen one was the orphan Jewish girl raised by her cousin.  Esther was beautiful, she feared God, and she was strong, brave and determined. It is true that now she lived in the palace with all these benefits, but her heart was grasped to those things. A trap was being prepared against the Jews and God had to act, but whom could He count with?

Ester with her admirable and courageous faith, was the only link between the king and the people. Following God's direction, she saved her people from a certain death that was to come, putting her own life at risk when she broke the protocol of the courts, presenting herself to the king without being called. Her most famous phrase "And if I perish, I perish", made this woman a hero. God used Esther to fulfill His plan, as the queen she was the only person that God could use to save the people of Israel from destruction.
And you, how far are you willing to go to complete Gods’ Plan?

Things are not always clear, more often then not we do not understand the situations we are put in, and why certain things happened or are happening, but God works that way. Regret and making yourself the victim doesn’t help. Look at the example of Esther, had lost her parents she did not have anyone in this world except the cousin who raised her, but her faith in the God of Israel made the difference.

Do not think about your past, or the bad luck that you’ve had, or injustices that you’ve already suffered. No matter the circumstances, place, or what people say, look ahead; use your faith, because when God acts, who can stop Him?  No human force has the power.

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