Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Faith

I can personally witness that my faith has gotten me through many trials and tribulations.   During my dark hours, lonely nights, and when I felt that I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, it was my faith that gave me hope, strength and determination to weather the storms that came my way. It is my faith that reminds me, when I am confronted with situations that seem discouraging and too heavy a burden to carry on my own, that I am not alone.

Lately my life has been changing in so many ways, I find myself hanging out with new people and enjoying new things. I truly believe God is doing a new thing right now! I think that this is going to be an incredible season in people’s lives.  In order to openly welcome the changes, it’s time to trust God and take a dive into something unknown. In so many ways, life has just dramatically changed.  I’m becoming more active & whole heartily seeking God and bringing to fruition my dreams and slowly but surely, I’ve been removing the people that don’t benefit my walk with God. There is a whole new air you breathe when you spend time with positive and uplifting people. 

I’m also learning the importance of strength in numbers.  Life is an easier place to be when you put everything in God’s hands and you have a loving group of people who support you and care for you. Always remember actions speak louder than any words we can say…I guess what I’m trying to say is there are a lot of fun and exciting things waiting for us all, but it takes getting your mind off the things that bother you and focusing on the positive things.  You become a happier lighter person when you let God be God.  It’s a new season!

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