Sunday, March 11, 2012

What God Means To Me

This morning as I was reflecting on the journey the Lord has had me on the last year and ½, I had a sense of awe come over me.  As always, it is He that is the only one who could possibly keep me.  It was only He who could have known what I would need to sustain me…only He who would love me the way that He does!

I have been going through some real character shaping tests.  Some I’ve passed with flying colors and some, I am still working through and learning to count it all joy!  The testing, breaking, stretching, firing, molding, shaping, firing some more, are all a part of the process and when it comes down to the end of the day, God is still GOD, and I have to learn to crucify my flesh, daily!  Less of me, and more of Him!

He keeps me through it all, even during times when it may “feel” as if even He, has turned His face from me.  He is still right there keeping me.  Even those days when I am crying out to Him saying, “Lord, hurry and come to my rescue…”  All honor, all glory, all praise, all majesty, all power, all strength… all of it, belongs to Him, each and everyday…

He is marvelous, He is wonderful, Mighty God, Prince of peace, the everlasting Father, My Counselor, He is my joy and my strength… oh how I love HIM!

He is my rescue in times of trouble, He is the banner over me, He is the lifter of my head, He is my healer, my provider, my savior, my redeemer – in Him do I trust.

He is my Creator, my Preserver, He is all sufficient, He is my Lord, and my Master!  He is my peace in times of trouble, He is the one who sets me apart and sanctifies me.
He is my Shepard,, my judge, my righteousness…Who is He to you?

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