Saturday, March 3, 2012

Being a Christ Warrior

I now realize that God has kept me for “such a time as this” in this world. I realize that I am not only saved and forgiven but am also chosen. I realize that I am here for His purpose and His pleasure. I realize I must choose this day Who I will serve. I will serve the Lord God Almighty! I understand that when I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, He became my Lord. I was then placed into God’s Army, which:

•Makes me a WARRIOR, who is: Willing and Ready Regardless of the Invading Oppressive Ridicule.
•Equips me with special WEAPONS of: Worship, Exaltation, Adoration, Praise & Obedience Name-of-Jesus -- Sword
•ENABLES ME with the most powerful weapon, which is God’s LOVE: Living Out Victory Everyday
•Gives me an endless supply of strength from the JOY of the Lord as I keep my priorities in correct order: Jesus, Others & Myself
•Makes me know that the most difficult situations and people still have HOPE: Healthy Optimistic Powerful Expectations --Helping Others & Each-other
•Causes me to not focus on the storms and tests, but rest in His PEACE: Pure Emancipation and Calm Everyday
•AUTHORIZES me with the privilege to use the Name of Jesus.
•ENTITLES me to plead the Blood of Jesus on the behalf of our loved ones.
•EQUIPS me with the SWORD of the Lord, His Word, to use against the enemy.

Being a Christ Warrior gives me the strength and power in prayer to be a SHAKER: Shaking Heaven Always & Keeping His Eternal-words Reverently. According to {Luke 10:19} I have power to TRAMPLE and STOMP on the enemy. Trusting and Believing in Jesus as Lord, there is nothing to hide and all to be gained, so I must NOT hesitate but be SWIFT in prayer and testimony for I am a: 

Sanctified Woman – Interceding-- Fellow shipping Transparently -- Truly Rely Upon My Savior’s Timing

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