Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stop and Remember

When you are tempted to stray off track, stop and take a moment to consider where you’re going. Remember why you originally began traveling the path you’re on.
When the many distractions of life put you in danger of losing focus, stop and give yourself an opportunity to regain clarity. Remember the depth of passion with which you first started your journey.

When it seems that nothing is going your way, stop and make some time to adjust your perspective. Recall how far you’ve already come, and remind yourself that positive actions will indeed have positive, valuable results.

When you find that you’ve grown weary, stop and give yourself a real, refreshing, well-deserved break. Then you can jump back into the effort with a renewed vigor and sense of purpose.

When you feel that you’ve lost faith in the goodness of life, stop and look around you. Offer your genuine help to someone in need, and you’ll find that your heart is soon being healed.
When you find yourself too caught up in the frustrations that surround you, stop and remember the treasures you value most deeply. And you’ll reconnect to the incredible abundance that is your life.

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