Monday, March 5, 2012

Mary, A Servant

God needed a special woman, for a glorious mission.

Not that she could not have flaws like any other human being, or had to be a princess or a girl of royal family, and much less famous. In fact, God was not looking for a pretty appearance; he was looking toward the heart. So, what qualities should this woman have so that God could use her to fulfill His plan of salvation?

Without doubt, confidence, humility, loyalty, willingness to be used, a life that pleased God and a heart completely given to Him. God found that in Mary, in a time when sinners were stoned. Mary, who was not yet married to Joseph, agreed to be an instrument in God's hands and said "yes", although her boyfriend and even society probably misinterpreted it.
How to become pregnant without being married yet?

But since God is perfect and thinks even of the smallest detail, everything happened in a way that Mary would never suffer, after all she was obeying. She showed faith, obedience and strictly followed the plan of God. She went through complicated situations, she became a fugitive because they wanted to kill Jesus, and after many years she had to attend His crucifixion for the sins of the world. That was painful, but soon she felt the joy of seeing Him resurrected.

Mary was spiritual, because although she was used for our Lord to come into the world, she was able to understand and recognize Him as the Son of God and became His loyal follower.
Do not worry if you come from a poor family, if you had the opportunity to study, if you're an ordinary person who has no position or titles, or if nobody takes you into account. That makes you feel despised and useless for any task.

Do not forget, God does not see as man sees. The man looks at the outside, but God sees the heart.  And if yours loves and pleases God, He will use you as he used Mary.

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