Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lord, Let Me Be Your Shining Star

Lord, let me be your Shining Star; Your light banishes the shadows in the darkness; In the present of your good, evil is powerless.
Lord, let me be the lamp that burns with your fire.
Lord, let me be the star that shines in the darkness of the soul.
Lord, let me be the mirror that reflects your Light
Let my life mirror the grandeur of your kingdom in heaven
Let me be the ambassador of your mercy
Let me be the “seer” of your power
Let me be the “scriber” of your word.
Let me be your translator, servant, virtuous wife,
Let me be the instrument of your Love
Lord, I pray to be the executor of your Will.
Where there is ugliness, let me create beauty
Where there is doubt, let me build trust.
Where there is chaos, let me create order.
Where there is complicacy, let me create simplicity.
Where there is ignorance, let me create knowledge.
Where there is boredom, let me create passion.
Where there is loneliness, let me create oneness.
Where there is suffering, let me create joy.
Where there is hate, let me create love.

I pray for no riches, but for knowledge and wisdom. I wish to relate to all whom I meet with your kindness, mercy, compassion, understanding, and Love. Let me burn, so that I can be the warmness of your fire. Let me burn, so that I can be the candlelight in the cave. Let me burn so that I can reborn today from the ashes of sins and pains of yesterday into the Light of tomorrow. Lord, grant me the honor to be one of the millions of your shining stars in the limitless sky~~Lord, let me be your Shining Star.

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