Thursday, March 1, 2012

Make The Call

Have you been in that dark place? Maybe you're there now? The place where solitude has a strangle hold on your life? With every breath you breathe you long to reach out, but with each passing breath it becomes more and more difficult. The paralysis of loneliness has set in; the enemy has all but snuffed out every ounce of hope from your spirit. You cling to your faith with your very life. You’re battle-fatigued.

You have some great friends. They pray for you, they call or email you. They know you can’t make it through this crisis alone. They’ve all but begged you to call them when you need them, whether it’s to vent, to cry, or just to get away from your situation for an hour. You wanted to make one of those calls last week, but you thought – all I ever do is talk about the same problem, ask for the same prayers. You don’t want to be a burden. You don’t want to bother them; they all have issues and concerns to tend to in their own lives.

So you don’t call. You need to be the strong one in this situation. The pressure seems to lay squarely on your shoulders. You know God is working things out, but you just can’t hold yourself together anymore.

Have you been in this situation before? Are you in this position now? Can you, just for a moment, put one of your friends in your situation? Now, answer this question: wouldn’t you want them to call you? Would you think your friends are burdensome? Would you tire of listening to them, or would you just want to lavish your love, support, and encouragement on them? I thought so. Do yourself a favor, make the call. Let your friends fulfill their callings.

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