Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your Mess into a Message

And we know that all things worked together for good for those who loved Him and are called according to His purposes.” {Romans 8:28}

Looking at my life, I’m beginning to see God turning my mess to a message. I can never understand what others go through unless I’ve been there myself. The enemy loves to tell us that we’ve messed up and things will never be the same again, that we cannot get back on track and so we had better give up. He wants us to be so consumed with guilt and pain and bitterness that we cannot get out from the heap of ashes.
But God says otherwise. No matter what you have done, no matter what has happened in your past, you still have a future. God can restore your life and put the pieces back in one piece, but you must allow Him to do so. Yes, it may seem as if you have lost half of your life, but do not waste the other half mourning over it and not doing anything else. Instead, be determined to let God use the half that was seemingly lost into a brighter future.

One way that God can do to redeem your past is to turn your mess into a message. And you will be surprised at how that message is going to minister to people facing that same problem. You can look back at your life one day and thank God for redeeming your past, or you can look back in regret that you have given up because the devil tells you that the choice is yours. You have to decide.

God loves you and to him, your future is so bright. In God’s eyes nothing has been wasted, nothing that you have gone through has been in vain. He is willing to turn your mess to a life-changing message, but are you willing to let Him have it? Let go and LET GOD!

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