Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Be A Queen

To be a queen means you're beautiful inside and out because you know God created you that way; you are accomplished and in control because you listen to God's instructions; you are treated like royalty because God fills your life with abundance after you've listened and acted upon His Word; you're special in the eyes of others because you realize how special you are in the eyes of God; you are powerful because you've harnessed the power of God within you and realize there's only one, true power. To be a queen means others recognize and appreciate your talents because you're making use of the gifts God gave you. A queen helps others in need because she knows that's what God wants of her.

A queen is happy with herself, her life, and is constantly reaching out and up, even in the face of adversity. She draws the strength she needs from God. He helps her overcome the difficult times. She is better able to pull through the struggles of life, because she knows God is her life-jacket and will see her through anything.

In God's eyes, we are all queens. We are all special, unique, talented, loving women who can do anything with Him by our side. He gave us each a map that would lead us to our destiny, yet so many of us chose to create our own. And where did it lead us? It led us away from our true selves and into some sort of incomplete experience. Maybe we're living part of the destiny God intended for us, but true happiness and success can't be reached until we live ALL He intended for us.

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