Wednesday, February 29, 2012

See Yourself

I think as females, most of us have struggled with body image lies, especially this one.

“If I can change something about my body, others will finally accept me and I will be able to accept myself.”

I think you can either see yourself and define yourself through others and what they think of you or by what God thinks of you. You can only attract the people, things, and events that match the quality and intensity of your beliefs about yourself. You can visualize and affirm all you want, but if in your heart you aren’t worthy, you aren’t receiving.

You must be able to validate yourself if you want to thrive in a physical reality where people and things are constantly changing. Needing others to validate you is exhausting and it never works for very long. You have to see yourself as worthy of what you want, by virtue of who you are, before you can have what you want.

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