Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best Beauty Comes from the Worst Pain

The past year or so has been one trial after another. It's a battle that rages from day to day. Although I do feel like I am getting better when I look back at the past still is so hard to not be what I used to be,and I ask God would I ever be the same. Many roadblocks have seemed to find their way into my path, but deep in my heart I knew there was no hurdle that I could not pass. God had gotten me this far and I knew He just wouldn't leave me here. So today, I pick up some of the small pieces of who I used to be and I begin to gather what pieces God wants me to gather to form the new me-one with a Heart Like HIS.

Pain and hardship builds character.....but I'm wondering how much character building was I needing. Had pride stepped in the way of my ministry? Had my ability to accomplish everything on my own strength yielded God to take me to a level that my dependence was totally on his strength? What lesson am I to take from this and in what way Lord do you want me to use this?

I know God has a story to tell through this. I know that everything that has happened in my life God has used to give glory to himself. I also know that throughout scripture everyone that God used had difficulties along the way. Character builders!! I am ready for that time. I'm ready to have the strength and energy and feel good enough to get back out there and be an inspiration to the gospel that I stand upon. I feel like I'm trapped right now in a world that doesn't use my ministry gifts. I pray daily that God would remove this thorn and my ministry can resume. I ask for wisdom and discernment on what God's plan for my life is and I ask for strength to endure so that through this I may bring glory to him.

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