Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Your Presence

Heavenly Father, 
I come into Your Presence where there is wisdom beyond compare. I come without pretense and You will open the door and I will sit still and inhale your love.

In Your presence is peace, profound, no where else can be found. My turmoil will cease as You touch me to make me sound, I stay, pray, and wont stray, I sing a song of praise to You.

In Your presence is prosperity to help me leap over walls, there I also find security so I can stand strong and tall. I will reach for it, press for it, follow after it.

In Your presence is great pleasure to make my face radiant until You beyond measure give me life super-abundant.. I will go for it, I will fight for it, I will content in it; I delight in Your presence, where there is anointing, power for my defense, My whole being igniting because I crave you and need you and I will press on to be in your presence.

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