Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Puppet Master

You can love someone so much that you lose yourself and self respect, because you 're so busy trying to please him that you forget about yourself in the process. Some of us are so busy trying to make him happy, that we forget about what makes us happy. Sometimes, we can be our own self's worse enemy, because of our actions, “to please”.

A puppet master is someone that controls you and your actions in a relationship; and will even try and control your mind, if you let them. Puppet masters can be husbands or significant others that try and control your life, if we're blind enough to let it happen. A puppet master wants to know, where you're going; who you're going to see, when are you coming back home and any more information that's going to help him keep tabs on you, your life is literally ran on a time clock. In this type of relationship; the puppet master is the only one with freedom to come and go as he pleases, without their life being under constant scrutiny by you or anyone else. I played this game for some years; and after dancing to the puppet masters music, I got up enough courage to dance to my own music. It's really sad being a puppeteer, because you lose your identity in a relationship you thought was loving and normal; but realize that everything you believe in, was just one big lie.

A marriage and relationship is an equal partnership, with the same advantages for both parties involved. All I do know is; when you're young and foolish; you do a lot of of silly things, like being controlled by someone else, because you don't know any better. But when you get to an age where you know how you really should be treated, and want more out of life; than just being a puppet on a string.....

If you find yourself in a puppet master- puppeteer relationship, it's time to cut the strings that bind you to this person, so you can regain you self respect and start to truly live your life again. Please also remember this; no one can treat you like a prisoner in your own home unless you allow it.

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