Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Glass Slippers

What do the glass slippers in Cinderella symbolize? Cinderella is given the glass slippers by her 'god mother', a representation of the divine teacher in all of us.

She goes to the palace , the heart of the kingdom, and meets the prince, where she enjoys her time but remembers to return to the earthly realms at the time she was told. The slippers vanish with the gown back to whence they came.

The second time she leaves the ball late, and a slipper remains for the prince to find, while the second is with Cinderella. The slipper is neither of this world or of the palace but a representation of the unique qualities of Cinderella herself. It fits her and only her, no one else can fill her shoes. The prince who is the complement of Cinderella recognizes her as his mate, and uses this piece of her uniqueness to lead him to her.

Although others try to fill her shoes, only she can fill them, only Cinderella has the True fit.

Thus the slippers function on a number of levels:
* representing our own unique qualities that belong only to us
* the slipper remains in the world, because it has been separated from its mate, representing that piece of greatness that exists in all women, and if kept safe, nurtured & protected (as Cinderella keeps the shoe) will eventually lead back to her true origin
* Cinderella can dance in the heart of the kingdom because she is wearing HER shoes, the shoes that are her unique qualities...these allow her to shine & sparkle like no other....for she is not pretending to be something she is not, nor is she inflicting suffering on others in order to reach the kingdom, like her step sisters
* when Cinderella's step sisters try to fit the shoe, they are trying to be someone else for the sake of winning the kingdom...but because they are not being who they Truly are, they ultimately fail
* Cinderella wins the kingdom and the HEART of the kingdom because she accepts her roles patiently & doesn't compromise who she is ...she quietly slips into the shoes without display, but because she has wholly accepted who she is and gracefully wears her shoes, others celebrate her victory & ultimate union, while some cannot do anything but be envious/jealous as they do not understand true happiness comes from accepting things as they are, and accepting ourselves as we are.

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