Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Warrior Woman of God

Am I a warrior yes I am upon His field I take my stand I take His bow of bronze and strength in hand by His power I take my stand…I stand poised for battle ready to shoot that arrow I stand on the field of the straight and narrow….I lift the shield of faith and truth ..
I am His warrior this woman named Maribel…I am not afraid of the enemy’s band for truth and righteou
sness I stand. He under-girds me with His arms of strength to fight me in spiritual battle the enemy shrinks…I stand my watch on my high tower, waiting to hear His voice to be filled with His power…

When He speaks I will not fear; He is my covering my defense from the rear. He is a wall of fire by night a cloud by day, He will keep you, till the enemy flees away...

Many years ago I joined this great spiritual band a warrior for Jesus? O' Yes I am…We fight with our weapons of our warfare which are not carnal you see --Weapons of the word, salvation, righteousness, and victory…Come Gods women join the army you will see, He will use you to set the captives free
We are in the army of the mighty host ..Our chief and commander the Holy Ghost--A great cloud compasses those who have gone before.

Need I explain or tell you more…Look in Hebrews chapter eleven
Those gone before looking down from heaven, They are cheering on from heavens grandstand …Keep in the race and possess the land!!

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