Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Removing the Masks

When circumstances have destroyed our lives, we try to put on masks to make us appear strong and OK on the outside. We try our best to drown ourselves in others to cover up our pain. We try to laugh, work, talk, and even go to church like other people. But deep inside our hearts, we’re breaking. When that hard shell is broken, the yolk inside will flow out.

So many of us are perfect in acting like we’ve never been hurt. Some feel ashamed of their pain, while there are others who simply do not want to bother other people. However, no matter how much you can try to hide and deny your suffering, your eyes will always show it, for your eyes are the windows of your heart. The first step to receiving our healing is to remove that mask. Stop hiding and acting as if you’re OK when you are actually not. Admit to God that you are hurt and you need His healing. Allow the Lord to begin that process of restoration.

I understand that after putting on that mask for so long, it will be difficult for us to remove it and expose our true conditions. We may feel vulnerable. We may be afraid at what other people will think, or rather, what God will think. But God will never despise our pain, nor will He reject us when we hurt. In fact, the Lord is closed to the broken-hearted, and He binds up their wounds (Psalm 34:18). And from Isaiah 61:1-3, most of what Jesus is anointed to do is to minister to the brokenhearted.
Remember, God is not surprised by what we tell Him because He already knows what is happening; He just wants you to bring them before Him.

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