Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burn Old Memories

How often do we allow ourselves to “Burn Old Memories”? I realize we have both “good” and “bad” memories. Of course I am speaking more of the “bad” ones we tend to hide in our hearts that loom over us like a black cloud ready to rain destruction anytime they choose. “Burning Memories” should be a fire we seek when so much hurt and pain has “filled our souls, minds, and hearts with drama”.

Like looking into the “fiery” furnace we should literally throw those old memories into the flames and purge our memories of what continues to reek chaos over our relationships, in our lives, with our families, and with us causing pain, depression, fear and sadness too often and to the point it can spoil, break down and rot all of the incredibly great memories and life we have right in front of our faces. We spend too much time living in those old past memories, allowing them to reign over us like a dictator.

What we often do not see, by not Burning Memories that haunt us, they consume us and eventually can leave us standing all alone, with no one but just old memories to be with, until it is too late. You must sever the ties, and allow all of the bad memories to go into that fiery furnace and leave your mind, heart and soul renewed, refreshed, and purged. That way you have space for the future, new memories and the good things that shall come your way. Deal with whatever made that bad memory happen, then let it burn.

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