Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Friendship Not Easily Broken

A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12) 

I want to share how this scripture ministered to me  about this amazing friendship  of these 3 beautiful young ladies. 

I meet all three of them at the church I attend. Recently, the middle one passed to eternity after a  long battle with cancer. I wrote about her recently in my blog "Lenis, The Victorious and Faithful Warrior"

We were all part of the single mothers ministry. As single mothers, we all feel a connection one way or another to each other. We all had different needs, whether we struggled more financially, or more emotionally,  in society alone it is a struggle being a single mother, but it is more comforting to know that you have friends that will be there for you no matter what.  As we continued to share the same circle of friends and attended small groups, birthday parties, game nights, scrap-booking nights, we were all able to know each other in a more personal level.  I witness how much love they had for each other, a love that kept them strong till death do us part. Jackie, the one in the top picture with the super cool blue lace skirt knew Lenis since birth, they were not only friends but sisters in spirit, their bond was unbreakable, along came Patty years later after meeting Lenis through Jackie, it then became "A Cord of Three Strands Not Easily Broken" friendship. 

Whether life experiences took them to other routes or meeting new friends, their sister-hood was never affected but stronger. As I learned more about them, it seems that their confidant, confronter and mentor was Lenis.  Lenis was like their mother hen, always giving them advises, correcting them with love and embracing their flaws and always making them feel no different from each other, she loved them both the same, but with Jackie she did experience many more beautiful memories, not only strengthen their bond but they were each others sister-keeper. Their memories of growing up seeing and feeling many family deaths and many new births, especially when they both became mothers their bond became stronger. The happy memories of their secrets and all the mischief's they did along the way, the tears and pain of broken hearts, their dreams, their hopes were all connected with each other. There were times nothing had to be said, but they knew what each was thinking about. Even at times throughout their friendship, I imagine, they did have misunderstandings and they must of not agreed of certain people in their circle and even disagreed about certain decisions they made. That is absolutely normal for friends to have their own opinions but still in all the disagreements, it didn't change the way they felt for each other.  I really admired to see this bond between these girls, that even through their unpleasant experience, they were able to move on from it and continue to grow in their friendship.  

The most heart-filling of unconditional love was the time when their sister Lenis was diagnosed with Cancer. You can not have experience a much immense pain, brokenness and a sense of  fear of one day losing their beloved sister Lenis. More than ever they stuck together, they embraced every moment and turned them into ever-lasting memories that will live in their hearts forever. Through much pain, endurance and hardship, they took care of her, night and day along with Lenis's mom and many others that came and embrace this young woman who taught them the love of Christ. Then the most dreadful day became a reality, Lenis departed to be in eternity. The tears, the joys, the happiness, the set-backs, their dreams, their hopes are all wrapped up in these beautiful memories of a sister who was strong, fearless, faithful, genuine, courageous, loving, caring and most of all compassionate. A sister who taught them to believe, to have faith and to trust God no matter what. She kept their hopes alive and will continue to live in their hearts and in the memories that will keep reminding them to live, to laugh and love each other as she loved them, that they will continue to live the legacy of a sister-keepers and most all to spread the love of Christ to all those who didn't have what they had a "A Cord of Three Strands Not Easily Broken"  friendship. 

Written by Maribel 

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