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Lenis, A Victorious and Faithful Warrior

Lenis, A Victorious and Faithful Warrior
November 20, 1975 – February 8, 2013 

On February 8, 2013, our beautiful radiant warrior princess went home to be with her King. Lenis heard the words "well done my good and faithful servant" while God placed all the glorious heavenly crowns of life, righteousness, glory, rejoicing and incorruptible rewards on top of her beautiful head.  Lenis fought the good fight of faith until the very end and cancer NEVER took her radiant exuberant Christ loving spirit. Christ's love radiated through her and all she did. We pray that the extraordinary way she chose to live and believe will be an open invitation to living your life for Jesus and his Kingdom. 2 Timothy 4:7. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.

Let me just share a little of how I met Lenis. Lenis and I attended The Cityline Church, {which I still attend} We became friends through other women that we both knew when she was in her first cancer remission. Several months later, the bad news was told to us that Lenis had to again receive chemo,  because the cancer had returned. I believe God set me up to be part of this young girls life as an answer to one of her prayers. {as you read along, you will understand why I say this}. Going forward and making this long story short, one day on my way to the beach, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart about Lenis, he said to me in my spirit - Lenis is going to need help and you will attend to her needs. I caught myself questioning God and saying - LORD, ME?  How?what can I do?  and he said, just obey and I will take care of the rest.  Immediately after that, I sent out several texts to some of the women that we both knew, responses started to flood my phone and every response was "count me in."  Several days later, still questioning God, "God did you really put this in my heart, this girl doesn't even know me, we just know of each and just spoken several times. After going back and forth with doubt, I decided to pick up the phone and call Lenis and invited her to the park so the girls can play, I also told her that I wanted to share something with her. She agreed and we met up.  As we walked along the park, I finally got the courage to share with her what God had put in my heart.  Lenis, stopped half way the walk and started to cry and said, these very words to me" MY GOD, Maribel - I have been praying to God for this, to bring into my life godly woman to help me through this" My mom can't do it alone. We  both hugged each other and cried thanking God,  for me - a confirmation and for Lenis, an answered prayer. 

With much preparation and with the help of the Pastoral Care from our church and all the women who volunteered, seeing Lenis with much perseverance to conquer this disease was an amazing Faith Builder for all of us.  I was blessed to be in many gatherings with her and share our lives and hold each other up.  We shared our hearts and joys.  Lenis had fought cancer and was in remission for a about a year, and we all stood with her through her journey to remission.  She was stronger in spirit and faith and soared through it with amazing Grace.  Just when she was declared in remission… she was experiencing sharp pains,  a few short weeks later she was given the news that the cancer had returned. She knew what she was up against but she had confidence that her Jesus would take care of her.  Lenis’s faith was part of the armor she dressed for this battle. I learned so much from her. I learned more about the Spirit of God from her than I ever learned anywhere else. I saw where true faith resides and where it advanced. I learned that it does not come from intellect; Lenis was in the middle of the biggest fight anyone ever has to go through; cancer. She knew exactly what that meant and what would be required. But she knew how to find her center, her spirit, her JESUS and to “BE STRONG.” She kept the faith in the midst of hard questions and was a model for seeking peace in her soul in a difficult time ... she focused on making a difference, and hopefully we will remember that about her and try and focus on the difference we can make.

And to think that we all were being used by God to help Lenis, but in reality it was Lenis that was being used by GOD to help built our Faith even while death awaits us.   Many of us were not there when Lenis was ushered to eternity, but our Pastors and many family and friends were there by her side, praying and interceding. They were able to testify of her zeal for God, she lifted up her hands to praise God and surrender her spirit. The way I look at it,  Lenis, ran the race, she stood firm in her faith, regardless that anyone didn't see God in the midst of her pain, she fought hard, won the battle and gain Victory over death.

Even though Lenis is no longer with us, she will continue to be a legacy in those of us who will honor her name and will continue to celebrate her as "A Woman of Great Faith". 

Written by Maribel 

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  1. What an honor to be able to have shared in the life of such an extraordinary woman of God. I know that you will not be the same. I love how God uses the most challenging situations to transform our thinking, faith and above all else our love for others. Lenis' passing taught me to let go of the petty things that we tend to hold on to. She also taught me to love not just in words, but in deeds. Thank you Maribel for sharing. Lenis is now a part of the great cloud of witnesses that is watching over us and cheering us on towrads the finish line.

    Be blessed,

    Maritza Calle