Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspired By His Presence

Lord, lift me up upon your wings of glory, lift me up to places I have never been before. Lift me up to be transformed on the wings of your Spirit, never looking back to the things of my past. It is only "IN YOU"  I desire to be. Let me be still oh God, as you lift me up so I may hear every beat of your heart as you give me comfort and strengthen me, for my only desire is to rest in your presence. {written 3.25.2013} 

As I whispered your name Jesus…my mind began to overflow praises unto you O’Lord and I felt I was walking in a cloud of love and the anointing of your glory was pouring from heaven into my soul…and the abundance of praise and worship poured down into my lips like burning coal and the most amazing feeling of your presence fell on me like a shooting STAR !! And it started to spark up some radical worshiping in tongues….I felt like a feather floating in harmony with your breath blowing me in the essence of your peace and you enticed me with the fragrance of love mixed together with spices of glory and touches of joy that erupted into a trumpet of praise onto you..with tears full of happiness and freedom that surrounded me until I fell under the feet of the cross with a heart full of love for my Master Creator! My God for you know how to entice me to fall in love with you, your presence alone wakes in me a freedom to lift up my hands and praise you and dance like David did….for every breath that I took was a breath of deliverance, an inhale of freedom and I was set free to tell the world of your wonders ..for you MY gracious GOD are forever setting me free and with a grateful heart I shall rejoice and sing to you forever !! {written 6.19.2012}

As I sit down in my quiet place, I mediate on your grace, O’Lord. The love that you have shown me has made me feel I am no longer alone.  For in my brokenness, I pray for You to lead the way, for I see Your mercies and hear the sounds of Your glory. I thank you for your mercy and grace, for the joy in my heart that can’t be replaced. My spirit is alive and begins to praise You again, Father you are my creator, hallowed me thy Name!  My spirit soars as I read Your Living Word, I know beyond a doubt, my prayers are being heard.  My quiet place has become a sanctuary, where I meet you everyday, where I sit and cry out and share my thoughts with You, and I hope you help me find my way and I know, I know, I know Your Grace will see me through!  {written on 4.21.2012}

Father my desire is to feel the very essence of your glory. My soul aches to feel your touch. My mind wants to consume itself in your wisdom. My heart beats at every touch of your love. My spirit weakens without the power of your strength. How can my mind spirit and soul live a day without your presence? For it is through You my life exist. {written 9.8.2011}

Written by Maribel Castillo

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