Thursday, June 27, 2013

There Is No Other Love

Amarte Solo a Ti

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. (Jeremiah 31:3)

I remember a few years back when I first heard this song, it was a time that I was in such a desperate need of being loved and accepted by someone who clearly was not able to give me what I needed. It was a time that I didn't understand who I was in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. I didn't know that I was a Daughter of a High Ranked King, The Great I AM!!  The One who sits on his Heavenly Throne, who set me apart to do greater things and to be loved and honored as such - A Daughter of a KING!! 

As far as I can remember there was always a feeling of void in my life and at my early teens I realized what it was. I met my daughter’s father and what I thought was love opened in me a hunger to seek and want more of it. We were both young, inexperienced and definitely it was not love but it felt good, it felt like a high that you didn't want to come down from, but soon after this feeling became a painful reality that escalated to adulthood; “The need to be loved”.  This reflected in my personal life, especially when it was being involved with a man. What I didn't realize back than, but what I have learned today is that no one can love you like our Heavenly Father does, but it took me years of seeking in all the wrong places and to all the wrong people. I was at the lowest of the bottomless pit of low self-esteem, and oh my the insecurity was sucking me dry, and to top it off the feeling of being rejected was a constant reminder of the worthless feeling that came with all those tormenting parasites that was eating within me the Love that I posse in Christ.

The day I heard this song, I was on my way to humiliate myself to a point of accepting unfaithfulness just to have a least a drop of love- and as I was driving, this song started to play and I sang it from the top of my lungs, and a desperate cry for help came from deep within my soul, asking God to make me strong,  to not allow me to belittle myself every again, to teach me how to love him and him alone and again I started to replay that song and I kept singing it until I felt the presence of God come upon me and I made a U-turn a block away from where I was going and never looked back – I mean NEVER , EVER looked back!! My life was NEVER the same!! I put closure to that relationship and that’s when God became my first, my last and my everything!

I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me. Proverbs 8:17

The feeling of being loved and wanted is an emotion that God blessed us with from the beginning of time. God has chosen women to play an important role in the past and He continues to do so today. God intended for all of us Women to be loved, honored, respected and treated like a Queen.  Like the bible tells us - Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her {Ephesians 5:25}- Wow that is the most amazing feeling to be loved like that - because that is "Unconditional Love."  God didn't intend for us to be limited or conditioned by the love of a man.....For the Word of God tells us in Genesis 2:22  - "Then the LORD God made a WOMAN from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man."

You see ladies, when God created man, He formed man himself and breathe life into his nostrils. "BUT"......for the woman, HE fashioned us after he breath the breath of life into man. ..WOW!! God..."Fashioned US"....because our nostrils are too delicate. God didn't want man to interrupt His perfect creation, so He put man to go into a deep sleep, so HE can patiently and perfectly "FASHION US". God choose the rib, which protects the man's heart and lungs and supports him, as we are meant to be. God shaped us around this bone, He modeled us, and He created us perfectly and beautifully. He formed us strong, yet delicate and fragile, he provided protection from the most delicate organ in a man, his heart. We were not taken from his feet, to be under the man, nor were we taken from his heard, to be above him, We were taken from his side - to stand by man and to be held close to his side.   When God sees us, he sees a perfect creation, his beautiful splendid woman of excellence!!  He fashioned us by his holiness, His strength, His purity, His love, His protection and support. We are an extension of GOD!!  WE represent the totality of God, so that is why man is commanded to treat us Women well, to love us, respect us, for we are fragile. Because when a man hurts us, he hurts God, when a man crushes us, he crushes God and damages his own heart.  

That is why today and I pray that as long as I have breath, I will speak of God’s mercy and grace and most of all HIS Unconditional Love, a love that has set me free; the love that has shown me the value of who I am. God’s reflection of love is all over me. A love that created within me “self worth”; a love that makes me stand in confidence and walk in freedom, a freedom to Love myself!  I love MY GOD… Call me crazy, because I am crazy in love with my living God!  

To Conclude: Throughout the bible, we read and experience the Love God had for women and how he valued them and He is still urging us women today to value ourselves and take our place and allow him to love us, to transform us, to make all things new within us.  There are many of us even today, that are probably reading this that are still searching, yearning and desiring to be loved, but I came to bring Good News; God’s love is not measured on our size or appearances or our status quo. God's love is based on his own LOVE for us when HE gave up his ONLY son to redeem us. And as I mentioned before throughout the bible, God used his beloved creation WOMAN to show humanity HIS heart. God’s love is eternal, everlasting and all YOU have to do is call on him and allow him to restore and make you whole again.  And once you experience this kind of love, this AGAPE love, you will never, ever accept or settle for mediocrity love.  It is all or nothing!!

I thank God that today my life is a testimony and a tool that GOD uses to reach out to women that are where I once was.   

Written by Maribel Castillo
June 27, 2013

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