Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bless Every Woman

Dear Heavenly Father, in the precious name of Jesus, I come before You humbled yet boldly, asking, that you bless each and every woman who is reading this right now. I thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy and your Kindness, I thank you Heavenly Father for placing this in my heart because I see the need to pray for each of us today. I ask in your name Jesus that you keep your hedge of protection surrounding every woman who read my blog page and her family, and I ask that you continue to use ME as your vessel for the mighty works you have in store for ME and your kingdom.

I ask that whatever strongholds are upon any of us today be released in the NAME of Jesus, I ask that Yokes be broken and hearts be healed. Father, You know every situation and circumstance we face today in our lives and I declare that Your women of God will put their faith into action, by putting Your Word on each and every trial and test they face. You are the author and finisher of our faith Lord. I speak now into the atmosphere that every woman is victorious, delivered, and set free from all hindrances sent from the pit of hell to keep us distracted from the call You placed on our lives, in the name of Jesus! I ask Father that you bless each and every woman on here today from the crowns of their heads to the soles of their feet.

I ask you heavenly Father that you continue to guide us in whatever needs that we ask of you today, I ask Father that you give us strength in the areas of our lives that we feel we can press no longer in. I ask that you show FAVOR upon each and everyone of us today and from this point on in our lives. Father, I pray for increase in the areas of intimacy with you, impartation of your word to us, implantation of your word in us, and Incarnation of your word in us forming into your promise. I pray that every sister encourages those behind them, with them, and in front of them.

I thank you Lord for placing these words on my heart to say today and give you reference. I pray that this touches the heart of someone today that may not know you; I pray that this may touch someone’s heart that does know you but are going through some trials. I know Father you take us through trials and tribulations only to bring us out and make us stronger and elevate us to our next level in you! Father, continue to reveal the way of the virtuous woman that you have called us to be in Jesus’ name I pray and say it is done and I thank You Lord for the manifestation of it! Amen

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